Incredible Photos Of Animals With Rare Markings

It’s not every day that an animal is born with distinct colored eyes or facial characteristics that resemble a full-on mustache. Most animals are appealing from the moment they are born, but those with unusual looks stand out even more. Scroll through all of these one-of-a-kind creatures to find what particular endowments Mother Nature has bestowed on them. We’ve never seen anything like those before!

1. Seven in a little cute cow

Baby cows or calves are quite cute. They wobble around on their spindly legs, learning about their role on the farm. Cows typically come in black, white, brown, and occasionally a lovely roan hue. This calf was born with a very fortunate marking right in the center of its face.

Seven of Cows

The number seven is considered auspicious in many cultures, and this calf has a definite seven on its face. Whoever owns this calf must have been blessed with good fortune. OPEN Next Page to Learn More.