The Most Hilarious Revenge Plots Against Caught Cheaters

We all know that nothing lasts forever. All good things come to an end and sometimes, that includes love. Death doesn’t part all couples, but something is bound to. In many instances, regardless of all the memories, anniversaries, and romantic evenings, love will fade and relationships will crumble due to instances of cheating. Nothing is more heartbreaking than finding out you’ve been deceived by your partner. However, getting the ultimate revenge helps put a little aid towards your heart’s boo-boo.

When it comes to seeking revenge, most new exes go for the other’s stuff. Some are more creative with huge homemade signs or billboards, exposing and shaming the cheater. And others let the hurt get to them and take their revenge too far by going for their former lover’s expensive vehicle, which is every cheater’s worst nightmare. Revenge rarely solves anything, and the acts can be very immature, but they’re also extremely hilarious for us to enjoy.

Newly Homeless

This woman became suspicious that her partner was cheating after weeks of showing all of the usual signs. He claimed to have worked from home, so she decided to put up some hidden cameras to see what he was really up to during the day while she was at work.

She hooked the cameras up to her smartphone and saw all of the women he brought home while she was at the office. One weekend when he told her he was going camping with the guys, she hosted an open house, sold their home, took all the profit, and left his belongings on the street. OPEN Next Page to Learn More.