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The Yachts of the World’s Rich and Famous

If there’s one status symbol that has endured and continued to capture the public imagination, it’s undoubtedly the yacht. The luxurious seafaring vessels often cost upwards of tens of millions of dollars – with some super yachts even escalating into the hundreds of millions.

With price tags beyond what most of us will make in a lifetime, it takes someone with massive generational wealth, like Bill Gates of Microsoft fame, to be able to afford such open-sea opulence. On top of employing a small full-time crew simply to maintain the ships and wait on their guests, the fundamental cost of fuel alone is more than most will pay for their kid’s college.

Many yacht owners (and renters) also go the extra mile of supercharging their yachts with all kinds of bells and whistles. Let’s take a look at the most technologically impressive (and unbelievably expensive) yachts out there, owned by titans of industry from all over the globe.

1. Nicole Kidman

Value: $4.5 million*

Sharing the Oscar winner’s own Hawaiian name, the Hokulani is a stunning 150-foot yacht owned by Nicole Kidman. The starlet originally kept the vessel at her Sydney property but decided to put it up for sale after relocating to the United States with her husband Keith Urban.

Nicole Kidman's Yacht @ LarroqueVincent / @FeatureFlash Photo Agency /

Hokulani is distinctive for its posh, sporty interior (including one of the more open sun decks out there), as well as features like a private movie theater and a special sunbathing deck. But its iconic champagne-colored exterior makes it one of the more recognizable vessels on the open seas.

Kidman relocated to Hollywood in the 1990s after achieving minor success in Australia’s film and TV industry. But following breakthrough roles in massive hits like Batman Forever, she quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars. OPEN Next Page to Learn More.